Geni zaman srekli devam eden, tekrarlanan ileri anlatr.

I work : alrm

You work : alrsn.(sen)

He works : alr.(erkekler iin)

She Works: alr.(bayanlar iin)

It Works: : alr. (cansz ve hayvan iin)

We work : alrz.

You work : alrsnz.(siz)

They work: alrlar.

3. tekil ahslarda fiilin -S taksna dikkat ederek aadaki fiilleri uygun halde yazn.

  1. She (read).books every day.
  2. They (come )..to school by minibus .
  3. Canan (work).very hard at home.
  4. I (like).to sit at the seaside in Alanya.
  5. We always (do) ..the exercises very carefully.
  6. Elif never (cook) meals to us at home.
  7. Some students (drive) ..very fast at school campus.
  8. He (speak)..two languages ; English and French .
  9. We (watch) ..good films on tv every day.
  10. Furkan ( play) computer games at home,he likes Sims Game.
  11. Harun (go) .to bed at 9 every night.
  12. Enes (play)..the piano very well.
  13. She (do) .all the work alone.
  14. Even best students (make ) ..mistakes in final exams
  15. He usually (get) .high marks in exams.
  16. The bus (leave) .at 5 oclock .
  17. The class (begin)at 8:15
  18. We (do) a lot of favors to the poor .
  19. They (speak)..Turkish well because they (live)..in Turkey.


VOCABULARY: like:sevmek, speak:konumak, drive: araba srmek, watch: seyretmek, play:oynamak ,almak, do:yapmak,make:yapmak,get:almak,language:dil,cook:piirmek